Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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  • Trail Ideas for 2018
    heard about it from a Jeep guy. I would like to check it out. Maybe an overnight trip to the area.
  • Can Anyone Help Out This Young Blood
    It looks like you've gotten a lot of advice from that forum. Let me try to add on top of what they've had to say. Because you are new to the hobby, I would advise protection first. Your driving skills are novice(don't take offense) and you need to prepare for any mishaps that WILL happen out...
  • Hammers
    Trailer dropped at MGRS 4327207302
  • Arizon + Utah
    Might squeeze in a Sedona stop on the way back to Cali.
  • 2018 Schedule of Events
    Good news, everyone! After a brief talk with the SBNF ranger station, we've confirmed that our Trifecta run is on this year. This run consists of three trails (hence the name): Cleghorn, Pilot Rock, and Dishpan. The trails increase in difficulty the farther in you go with us. We hope you can...
  • Hey Everyone...
    Welcome to TTORA! We just posted up the schedule of events for 2018. If you see a run you're interested in attending, post up and we'll let you know if your rig is suitable. Since you're a beginner at this hobby, I would suggest you invest in sliders first. Wheel your rig as hard as you can...