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Written by Sparky   
Wednesday, 09 December 2015 18:25

I decided to take it easy this time around for Anza. Last year we did a difficult loop up Diablo Dropoff, through Pinyon Mountian and down Heart Attack Hill. This year we visited the Calcite Mine, Font's Point and the Pumpkin Patch.

I arrived at the trailhead just before 9:30 with a buddy who hadn't had the chance to put his XTerra in 4wd yet, let alone ANY vehicle in 4wd. Ken was there waiting and we all went down to the open wash area where it was better suited for everyone to gather. Slowly, the other rigs started showing up along with an addition they recruited at the campsite. We aired down, made short introductions, went over the game plan and headed up to the calcite mine.

We were moving pretty slow due to our newbie driver in the XTerra. It wasn't long before he got himself into trouble. He nearly put himself over the edge by not paying attention to both sides of his rig. A quick tug back and he was back in business. I had to get out and spot him a few more times but you could see his confidence building. We only ran into a group of 2 Jeeps going the other direction. The Calcite Mine Trail isn't technical and it doesn't change much from year to year. We arrived at the turnaround point and took the short hike up the the mining area. Calcite was used for optics in some of the weaponry for WWII. It lasted only a few years because a superior synthetic substitute was invented. We turned around and headed back. This time, things went smoother and a little faster.

We hit pavement and traveled over to Font's Point Wash which takes you to . . . wait for it . . . . Font's Point! The group made the first mile or so go by fast. It's good to get the skinny pedal bug out every once in a while. Font's Point is named after a padre, in the expedition group of Juan Bautista de Anza (Anza Borrego), who marveled at the views from this area. The landscape here changes with every rainfall but still remains, in my opinion, as one of the best vistas in Anza Borrego.

After a short lunch we shot back down Font's Point Wash to Short Wash and began our adventure over to the Pumpkin Patch. From what I remember, Short Wash took us to Palo Verde Wash which took us to Cut Across Wash which took us to Tule Wash which took us to the Pumpkin Patch. There may or may not have been a u-turn involved. The Pumpkin Patch is a geological site. Dense, sticky sediment formed in a round shape and was concreted over millions of years. As wind and rain erode the landscape, these concretions become exposed. The area is protected so only foot travel is allowed. It was neat and something to check off my list.

We then decided to make our way over to the campsite. Our newest addition recommended Crossover Trail which had a challenging section of tight twists and turns with a steep climb out. We then turned onto Shell Reef Expressway which took us all the way to the 78. We said goodbye to Ken and Will who decided to make their way home. The rest of us went to the campsite.

It was a very successful run! The only thing that happened resulted in a torn mudflap. Thank you to everyone who made this a very fun day.

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