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Written by Sparky   
Sunday, 07 September 2014 00:00

Corral Canyon was a good time as always! We had a good group of guys which made the day that much better: Michael, Garry, Eddie, Leon, Brandon, Ken and Bob. Bob just made it my the hair of his chin. We were just about to roll out at 10 when he popped into the staging area.

The only carnage of the day was Sparky's broken CV axle on Sidewinder. He had just recently swapped gears and a front locker into my truck in preparation for this trip. He had a couple obstacles in mind that he couldn't tackle last year. The last one still got the best of him and then some. Thank you to all who provided assistance, tools, moral support and documentation of the incident. Especially to Leon who sat right beside him getting his hands dirty, too. The axle swap was a completed in record time: just under 40 minutes! Thank you to everyone for your patience. Everyone else made it through with flying colors.

Sidewinder dumped us out to our lunch spot just after 1. Everyone else had something to eat during the repairs. Ken, Leon, Brandon and Eddie took off and, after a little relaxing, Garry, Michael and Bob headed over to Bronco Peak. Garry's offset diffs provided for some amusement at one obstacle but it wasn't anything we couldn't get him out of. We made it to the peak and turned around. Garry's land-yacht isn't able to make it through a particular obstacle without some body damage.

We called it a day after Bronco Peak. After airing up, we were out of there around 4:15. Not a bad day at all. Some rain tried to make it's way on us at Bronco Peak but we only ended up with some sprinkles. We wanted to visit the lookout tower again this year but we didn't have time. You have quite the view up there and the "fire look-out", Norm, always enjoys company.






Photos courtesy of Pawn

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