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Written by Sparky   
Saturday, 16 June 2012 00:00


We all trickled into the Flying J and started off to the trailhead around 9:15. We had a great group of people with well prepared rigs. We were taken by complete surprise at the trailhead when we ran into 20+ ATVs getting warmed up. We automatically prepared ourselves for the worst. We managed to put some time between us, however, after airing down and having a driver's meeting. Seeing how fast they climbed the first set of switchbacks, we didn't anticipate ever running into them.

Tyler started us up Lockwood around 10:15 and through to the lunch spot. Everybody made it without a hitch. The vegetation in the area is still sparse due to the Day Fire that tore through the Los Padres NF in 2006. The trail still offers magnificent views while testing your nerves with sheer cliffs and steep, off-camber descents. We reached the picnic area around noon and ahead of schedule. It was a good time to take a breather as Miller Jeep trail is steep and riddled with a few rocky obstacles.

We broke for about an hour and then Tyler started us up Miller Jeep. The climb up Alamo Mountain is long and steep with plenty of switchbacks. We kept a slow and steady pace and everybody was doing great. Being tail-gunner, I wasn't sure why we came to a stop until Doug came over the CB and stated that Dave was stuck. I held my spot not knowing if any traffic would come up from behind so I had no idea what had happened and what was done to recover Dave's T100.


What I do know is that shortly after Tyler went to investigate the matter, a couple of vehicles from the large group of ATVs comes down to scout the trail for clearance. Tyler frees Dave and we're back on our way UP the trail. Just as I get moving, Tyler comes comes over the CB and says they've come head to head with 20+ ATVs coming down the trail. Evidently, the "scouts" had given the rest of the group the go-ahead to start down even though they knew we were still making our way UP. After the last one passed, we started up again and were at the top in less than 5 minutes.

After a quick break, we started down toward the OHV play area to have some fun. It's changed a bit since I've last been there 2 years ago. The uphill boulder climb had been tamed down but a few more obstacles were added around the area. I made it mostly through the climb but had to exit just before the last couple of boulders. Bryce started his way up, too. He ran into a few issues but overcame them. His 4Runner made up and he exited at the same spot. Tyler tackled a new obstacle that was made with cement tubes that were buried about 3/4 up and a few of us went up the rocky steps with no problem. People started to say good-bye but Bryce and I hung around to run through the sluice. This had also been tamed down but was still fun to go through. We had to exit out early on this one, too. A boulder is angled in such a way that it tilts your rig right into an opposing boulder and would result in some pretty extensive body damage for us IFS guys. The rest of us split around 4:30.
Everybody had a great time and got through the day with no carnage. This is the second time I've run this trail and look forward to next year. Thank you to everybody who showed up to make this a great run!

Thanks to Prospector and TacoEng for the pics! 


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