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Cougar Buttes Feb 2012 trip report Print E-mail
Written by Rivethead   
Monday, 13 February 2012 00:00
We had a pretty large turnout for this event. About a dozen vehicles total. With such a large group we kept a moderate pace for the most part and didn't have too many hang ups. No major carnage to report, from the trail at least. Sparky popped a bead but thankfully Prospectator had a nitrogen tank and we got him up and running in no time. Bzag and Mikeybb tried to bulldoze a boulders with there front bumpers, needless to say both needed a lil love to get them straight again. Jay wasn't ready for it to be over and wanted one last money shot photo, he got just that, a busted radiator and tranny cooler. Thankfully he had AAA, and a spare radiator sitting in his garage. He's up and running again and already taking measurements for more protection. Here are a few pics from the trip-



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