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Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 21 June 2010 00:00

Arrived at Flying J's just before 10am and joined up with 9 other vehicles. We headed off to the trailhead about 10miles away. A group of Jeeps already there started up the trail when we arrived. Everybody aired down, we had a drivers meeting then we started up the trail about 10:45.


Many of the uphill sections on Lockwood Valley trail are much more rutted and difficult this year. Several of the steeper sections would be very challenging for a vehicle without a locker. The switchback section was also very rutted at each of the turns. Several of us had wheelstands due to the ruts on the inside corners. Some sections near the 3point turn and Kabob hill were very off camber and leaned us over into the brush on the side of the trail. The rest of Lockwood trail was about the same as previous years. We finished up that portion around 12:30pm when we arrived at our lunch spot.

Around 1:30pm we finished lunch and started up Miller Jeep trail. The first creek crossing was severely overgrown, adding the to existing pinstriping. Most of the trail up to the first obstacle was about the same as previous years and we just took it all slow and steady. The first big rock ledge on Miller hadn't changed much, but the bigger rocks on both sides of the chute were smaller, so one could straddle the right side to get through rather then follow the chute. The ledge to the left wasn't that big, but tall enough to now allow all but the taller vehicles over it. Sparky gave a valiant effort to crawl the ledge, but hung up first on his rear diff, then on his tranny crossmember. ProudRunner took the chute line to the left that most of us also took. The next rock ledge wasn't as steep, so Sparky had an easier time crawling up that one.


We all finished the trail about 2:30pm. Sparky chatted with one of the FS rangers while we stopped at the top of the hill. We loaded a junk Jeep frame into ShowStop's truck, then headed down the hill to play in the obstacle course.

Wyatt, Dan and Sparky all tackled the mini-Rubicon. After that fun was had, Wyatt, Dan, Sparky and myself hit up the mini-Sluice. Wyatt went first and for most of the course, he just took the wide beast down the middle. It wasn't until the big boulders at the end when he ran into trouble. One of the last boulders is a real door grabber, and Wyatt leaned right into it. The rear passenger door took most of the scrape. At this point, we decided to winch Wyatt's truck from the side to keep him away from the rock. He made it the rest of the way around the rock without issue.

Dan was up next and followed Wyatt's lines pretty close until the last door grabber rock. Even with moving him further away from the rock, his tube bed acted as a rock slider as he rode it the rest of the way out. Later a Jeep with little regard to sheetmetal went through and also nabbed his rear 1/4 panel.


Sparky was up next and I spotted him through. His crawler was making for some easy work on the rock steps. He got up to an off camber ledge and couldn't continue without risk of leaning into the rock. He exited the sluice.

ShowStop was up next and followed most of Sparky's lines right up to the same off camber ledge. Like before, ShowStop couldn't make it around the rock without taking out most of his driver side door. So that was it for him as well.

From there we called it a day and headed to pavement to air up. By 6pm we were heading back down I-5 and home.

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