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Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 14 December 2009 00:00

The group all met up at the junction of 3N16 and 3N61. We waited for one more vehicle to arrive then we hit the trail at 10:20am. A tractor had passed the group earlier and left some rough trail in front of us. It didn't take long for the first issue to come up. Saphteemon had his swing out tire carrier rip apart and fall down behind his rig. I loaded up his tire, he strapped the carrier to the roll bar and we moved on. The tractor headed out 3N02 and tracks were faint going into Holcomb Valley on 3N16, so we kept heading west. Came up to 3N32 and then headed north to the east entrance to John Bull (3N10). There was some reasonable snowfall coming down at this time.

Once we got to the beginning of John Bull, there was tracks leading up about 50ft past the first boulder field. Erocker drew the short straw and gave it a shot. He made it as far as the existing tracks, but coming back down off the rocks proved to be a bit more difficult then getting up. First he planted his axle on a rock, then slid back into a rock and could not go forward. So with the help of Oldschooltoy, we practiced our recovery techniques.

Once Eric was free and clear, we headed back 3N32 to 3N16 to Holcomb Valley. We stopped for a group shot at 3N16 and Van Dusen. From there we headed to 3N07 and to the area behind Holcomb campground to play in the flat areas and break for lunch.

Holcomb  group shot

After lunch, we decided to head for 3N12 and go up Delmar Mountain. We got as far at the trail junction when we spotted some vehicles performing a recovery. The Jeeps said they couldn't make it up the trail, and turned around when they came upon this Dodge owner that got in over his head. Everybody in their group seemed very inexperienced with recovery techniques, but in the end they all made it back on the trail.

With the trail now clear, we planned our approach, and had Oldschooltoy take the lead followed by Saphteemon, Monkeyproof and the rest of the group. That put the most well equipped vehicle in the lead to cut tracks. On we went...

It was pretty slick and there was an average of 2-3ft of snow on 3N12 as we neared the top. That proved to be pretty difficult to cut through, so Oldschooltoy, Saphteemon with Monkeyproof and myself as shovel crew built a line to push the final few hundred feet to the top.

OldschoolToy leading the way

By the time we had the rest of the trail cut, the rest of the group had caught up and we finished off the trail without incident and got down to Fawnskin by 4:30pm.

We aired up in Fawnskin and started to head down Hwy 18. We got 3 miles past the dam when the Caltrans crew turned everybody around due to rock slides. We turned around, dodged a few 2ft boulders on the road and most of the group headed down Hwy 38.