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Anza Borrego Run - Jan 23, 2010 Print E-mail
Written by SAR_Squid79   
Monday, 25 January 2010 00:00

Today's plan was to meet and run Coyote Canyon, and then maybe Calcite Mine, and maybe OWSVRA. Our group consisted of: Pray4Surf, SAR_Squid79, Misfit Toy, rivethead, skywalker82

Anza Group shot

We attempted Coyote Canyon, and with all the SoCal storms this week, that trail is completely messed up. You can no longer get past the 3rd water crossing. As a matter of fact - 3rd water crossing is pretty much nonexistant right now. In the past a Subaru Outback could have made it up to the 3rd crossing, but now you would need 33's and a locker just to get up to that point. I feel bad about Coyote Canyon. That's one of my favorite SoCal trails, and one of my favorite camping spots. That trail is going to be inaccessible for months and possibly until next year.

After that - we decided to head over to the BLM trails over by the dump. The trail became very muddy, so we detoured through the open desert, to try to cut over to the back of OWSVRA. That's when we just happened to come across these 3 Ford guys out in the middle of nowhere - literally. We were on the open BLM land, not on a trail, and just happened across these guys in the open desert.

There was a late model Exploder (bone stock 4WD), a F-150 (bone stock 2WD, No recovery points), and an F350 SuperDuty CrewCab Diesel (4WD) - ALL STUCK!

After a 2 1/2 hour recovery of those guys, we found our way on to San Felipe wash, and followed it to Blow Sand Trail, and ran that out to HWY-78, where we aired up, and headed home at about 4:30.

Anza trail

It was a very interesting run. VERY MUDDY! ...especially for SoCal - but I think we all had a lot of fun.