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Written by Pray4Surf   
Monday, 28 September 2009 00:00

Meeting for this years Corral Canyon Run; Pray4Surf, TacoDell, GSMSnuffy, SleepyRatt, BattleWagon and 'Ted' (no really, that was his name).

Corral - line up










With Dell and Snuffy leading the way, we snaked around the perimeter road to the southern entrance to Bronco Flats. The plan was to run Bronco Flats to Bronco Peak. For the most part uneventful. Nearly everyone needed tug at some point or another.

Nearing the summit on Bronco Peak, Ron opted to try a harder line. Straight up the chute. Several attempts proved unsuccessful. On his last attempt, something in the battery/fuse block assembly let out all the magical smoke. No battery, no nothing. Hours were spent trying to diagnose the problem to no avail. With daylight slipping by, the decision was made to recover the vehicle.

Everybody pitched in and we worked for a couple hours. The positioning of the truck and the angle we had to winch from were not very favorable. Ultimately, it two line pull using winches on Drew's and Snuff's trucks. Snatch Blocks were necessary. Drew was positioned up the trail and Snuffy beside Ron's vehicle. The snatch blocks were anchored and positioned to redirect the pull straight over the obstacles, then uphill.

Getting Ron over that initial obstacle, as we still had a pretty steep ascent to the summit. Luckily, no more huge boulders.

With each pull, we could only gain a few feet of forward progress, then everything repositioned and the couple feet of progress was repeated, and repeated, and repeated. At a minimum, we must have made 50+ individual pulls, many of them using Dells winch with a snatch block to double the pulling power, and with another truck strapped to the ass end of Dells truck to help hold him in place. Once we got to the top of Bronco Peak, we changed tactics and using gravity we were able to strap Ron all the way to Buckman Springs Road. Where, about 2:00a, a tow truck arrived to whisk Ron back home.

Other than Ron's troubles, everyone was pretty unscathed. Some minor sheetmetal rearrangement on most of us. I took a big boulder to my driver side slider bending and denting it up pretty good. Sheetmetal looks better with a little character anyways.