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Cleghorn / Pilot Rock / Dishpan - May 9, 2009 Print E-mail
Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 11 May 2009 00:00

Cleghorn line up

Showed up at the trailhead at 9am and meet up with 13 other vehicles for what would be known as the Late Group to the Cleghorn run.

The group consisted of Denny (dtrujillo63) as Trail Leader, Tom (MonkeyProof), Rick (pray4surf), Eric (T100Eric), Steve (Scuba951), Jon from All Pro (JonB), Tim (lv2baja), Mike (MikeDiswhoibe), Geovanni (geo88), spam&rice_420, Carlos (jerks_02_tacoma), Tyler (ShowStop), Dave and 1 other vehicle.

We had a quick driver meeting at 9:15am and then we hit the trail. It didn't take long before we had the first mechanical issue with Spam&Rice and his 4runner. Turned out the MAF connector came loose. We made a temporary fix and we were back on the trail. The first bypass obstacle made it clear that the couple of open/open rigs in our group would have to be selective in which sections they picked since traction while being crossed-up was the name of the game on Cleghorn. We think this section is one of the hardest on Cleghorn.

Making it through the first part of the obstacle wasn't bad. It was the second part of the obstacle with a deep rut that crossed the trail which made for a difficult time. Lots of wheel stands in this section, myself included. Jon with his long travel had no problems.

Once we got through that section, Steve decided to show off his impressive driving skills. From there, much of the middle of the trail is mixed with various off-camber sections and some rock obstacles. We all took our time and made the best of the obstacles.

Tom and Tim pulled up the rear for most of the trail. We continued down to the end of Cleghorn and broke for lunch at a lake overlook spot. Steve and a few others had to leave from there, so then a smaller group continued onto Pilot Rock and the X trail.

About 1:30pm we finished lunch and headed over to Pilot Rock. Denny took the lead again with Tom close behind. Carlos and Eric were in the middle with me behind them. Mike and Tim pulled up the rear of the group. The gatekeeper ledge at the trailhead was a little difficult for a few, but we all made it up that and on to the real challenge, the steep sandy chute climb. Denny was up first and decided to take on the chute. His rear diff was hanging up on a high spot, so Tom gave him some pointers. In the end, it took a strap pull to get him up the final ledge. Tim was up next on the chute. He ended up using his winch to pull him up the last ledge. Geo came up the bypass along with several others. Mike was last up the chute. He hammered down and made it to the top with full street pressure in the tires.

Mike (usually) followed in Tim's tracks. On the last obstacle he had a slight problem with the truck stalling and his short wheelbase wanting to make his rig do some typewriter action. Also got a couple wheels in the air too. From there we headed up the last section and met up with Dell, Frank and the rest of the Early Group at Pilot Rock. They had been waiting for some time for us, so most of them headed down to Crestline and home. A few more of us pushed on and headed to Dishpan Springs.

At 4:30pm, we left Pilot Rock and headed off to do one final trail for the day. We headed up to Lake Arrowhead and Pinnacles Staging area to connect with 3N34 - Dishpan Springs.


Dishpan Willow Creek

We first crossed through Willow Creek and made it to the first obstacle, a minor rock pile with a nice ledge. Much of the next section of the trail was mixed with small obstacles and longer flat dirt sections. We stopped to find a couple Geocaches along the way, then got up to the waterfall section.

When we got to the waterfall, Denny and Tom had already made it through most of the section. Tim was up next and took the ledge to the right. He struggled a little but eventually made it up the ledge. Mike was next in the FJ and since he was having some stalling issues, went up the middle section. He didn't get far before the truck kept stalling out. He was running out of gas and starving the engine on the uphill climbs. Time to hit the local gas station....my truck. Mike did the honors of sampling the gas. He said it tasted like Bacardi 151. Once we had the 5gal container full, we needed to fill up the FJ. Easier said then done. We tried filling it the traditional way, but no gas would come out of the can. We came up with an idea to invert the filler neck and use a water bottle as a funnel. Worked pretty well.

Mike got the rest of the way through the obstacle and Eric and I were up next. Eric decided to take an interesting line. Tom guided him through the rest of the way. I was up last. I didn't take the same line at the end that Eric took since I didn't want to get all hung up on the rocks. I just crossed the middle of the rock pile. Made it look easy by getting through in one shot without a spotter.

We finished up Dishpan Springs and arrived at 3N16 just before 8pm. The fog (dust) was really rolling in at that time. We stayed aired down and followed 3N16 to Green Valley and then down to Arrowbear to gas up and air up. We all parted ways at 9pm and headed home.