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Calico run - Apr 18-19, 2009 Print E-mail
Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 20 April 2009 00:00


This was another stellar Calico run. Friday people were arriving at camp starting mid-afternoon until late into the evening. There were a couple runs up the canyons to kill some time. Most chatted around the campfire until about 1am and set off a few Sobe bombs to usher in the weekend.

Saturday morning we had a few more vehicles show up for the run. After a quick drivers meeting at 9am, Frank (BASEjumper) took lead and we headed off to Doran. In the group we had BrandonH, Dtrujillo63 & SirMarlon, MonkeyProof, Ebruddah, Vistataco, Darwalk, Scuba951, MikeDiswhoibe, Ackerlight and ShowStop.

We took the bypass around the Doran Falls gatekeeper and headed up the trail. At the first obstacle we realized the trail had been getting pretty washed out judging by the amount of erosion at the rock step. We had to do some rock stacking and tugging to get a few vehicles through. Monkeyproof took the most carnage with a bent front bumper.

At this point, we had a group of International Scouts behind us. No place to pass here, but we let them by after the next obstacle. We also had a really line Unimog join the group behind us. Onto the next small obstacle and Monkeyproof had pretzeled his exhaust. We used brute force to pull the exhaust free, and a cheater bar to bend it back into shape.

Our token stock rig for this run was Scuba Steve with a 99 Tacoma Reg cab on 31s open/open. That made for some tough challenges through a few obstacles. However he really did well overall.

With everybody through the major obstacle, the rest of the trail went smooth with few troubles. We broke for lunch around 3pm at Bismarck mine. We met up with the owner of the camo SAS FJ Cruiser (M&M) and his buddy in a LR Discovery. They had taken Odessa Canyon up to the mine. We parted ways with them after lunch and headed out to Tin Can Alley to play around on the hills then headed over to an observation point overlooking Coyote Lake.

We got back to camp at 5:30pm and the evening festivies got off to a fast start. A couple people went off to do some target practice, Sobe bombs lit up the sky into the evening, Frank called in the choppers with his orange smoke bomb, and we all ended Saturday with an enjoyable evening around the campfire.

Sunday's run was joined by BASEjumper, MonkeyProof, MikeDiswhoibe, Tim and a couple other trucks as they headed up Odessa and back down Doran. It was a great way to finish off a fun trip.