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Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 13 April 2009 00:00

Forest Aid Group pic

 Saturday started off as a cold morning with temps at Lake Arrowhead in the mid-40s. We met up at the LDS church and were soon shuttled off to the planting area about 3 miles north. Mike, one of the volunteer supervisors with Forest Aid, led our group of 13 members to our designated planting site. From there we broke off into teams of 3 or 4 and started planting.

Pray4Surf planting a tree

The members of each team got a McLeod (similar to a large rake/hoe), a dibble bar (spade shovel), and a tree bag with the new saplings. Our team planted about 30 trees. I think the key was wearing heavy boots to really drive in the dibble bar into the hard soil. While maybe 4-5 of the holes were in some nice soft dirt, most were in really hard ground. Stomping away with the boots helped. Our team worked really efficiently as the member with the McLeod would measure off and clear the planting spots with the McLeod. Then the next member would come in with the dibble bar and make the hole. Then the tree would get planted and protected. All the while the team members would leap frog from planting site as each got done with their individual job.

Our smaller group worked well together and we strived to plant each tree properly, with the right depth, rock to protect the base, dirt berm, etc. As we did our final recon, we double checked the plantings and fixed any that weren't quite up to par. We are pretty hopeful the trees we planted will make it.

The TTORA group with our 13 volunteers planted around 100 trees in total. Big thanks to
Ebruddah, Scuba951, T100Eric, john0087, Pray4Surf, ShowStop and the rest of their friends and family for all the hard work they put in that day!