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1st Annual Anza Borrego Expedition Print E-mail
Written by EBruddah   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 00:00


The 1st Annual Anza Borrego TTORA SoCal Expedition run was a success despite the fact that it was cut short due to inclement weather.  The advanced party arrived on the afternoon of the 20th and secured our location off of S22 and Cross Over Road near the intersection with the 86.  This is on the North Side of Ocotillo Wells outside of Truckhaven Hills.  This spot was chosen since it was close to gas, services and major landmarks.  I arrived with Ackerlight and Sparky shortly after midnight and attempted to get some rest before our expedition but failed miserably at it while I sat and drank around the campfire with the others.

The 1st day began as any other TTORA camp would start the day.  You have the responsible ones like Arvin G and BrandonH packing up and making sure everyone’s together.  You have the anxious ones like Sparky and J41 who want to go wheel already.  Then you have everyone else who’s just trying to wake up on a Saturday morning with the sun glaring in their eyes.  While Sparky and J41 took off I followed them in vain in 2WD with fully aired tires.  They took off and I headed back to camp to make sure that we can rendezvous with the rest of the attendees.

Pray4Surf arrived shortly before our driver’s meeting and RoastBeef showed up in his SAS’d Nissan.  As we were starting our meeting a California State Park Ranger, Paul Reisman showed up and offered to take us on a tour of the Ocotillo/Anza/Truckhaven area.  We gladly accepted since we would have a ton of time to make it to get through Calcite Mine, Font’s Point and our planned end destination of Lower Coyote Canyon.

Big Bear Snow Run - Feb 21, 2009 Print E-mail
Written by ShowStop   
Monday, 23 February 2009 00:00

Big Bear snow trip - Feb 2009

The day started out with us getting on the road at 6:45am to met up with Bill and Nick at McDonalds in Victorville at 8:30am. A nice leisurely breakfast and we were back on the road at 9:00am. A quick gas stop along the way and we were up at the trailhead by 9:55am. Doug and Ian and friends were already there ready to go. We aired down and headed up 3N16 at 10:15am. 5 vehicles total for our group.

Johnson Valley FOJV run - January 17-18, 2009 Print E-mail
Written by pray4surf   
Monday, 19 January 2009 00:00

FOJV meeting

Our January run was scheduled to coincide with the Friends of Johnson Valley gathering to raise awareness to the land grab proposal by the USMC.

We left San Diego with a new member Navy_sr5 in tow. We arrived at the lakebed and were welcomed by scotth and igc. Later that night BASEjumper arrived followed by Hytenor (who made the drive down from NorCal).

After a chilly night (someone later said the temps dropped into the high 20's that night), we all gathered on the lake bed and heard from the various groups regarding the future of Johnson Valley.

After the meeting, the TTORA members splintered off into a few groups. Some of those with no regard for carnage headed off to tackle the various hammer trails. The rest of us latched onto a group of FJ's and headed west to the Cougar Buttes area. Upon reaching our destination, we first tackled 'Chicken Rock' and then meandered over to a trail called 'Bullfrog'. Terrain in this part of the valley is much different than the sharp edged rocks and shards of the eastern sector. Nice round granite boulders greeted us with a wide variety of difficulty. I was having a little ARB/OBA issues and took advantage of many of the bypasses.

SoCal TTORA Johnson Valley run

The owner of All-Pro, Jon Bundrant, spotted the rest of the group through the various obstacles without any problems. After getting back to the Means Dry Lake campsite later that evening we met back up with those that took on the Hammers trails. Although everyone made it out, nearly everyone suffered some sort of carnage with re-arranged sheet metal being the most common malady.

For my first run as SoCal TTORA chapter president, this run was a great success. TTORA had over  12 members in attendance.

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